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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Free Credit Cards : 3 Ways To Effectively Use Interest Free Credit Cards

Free Credit Cards

Interest free credits cards really refer to cards that offer an interest free introductory period. This interest free term can last anywhere from a couple of months to a full year. The most important thing about the interest free period is to not waste it. Use it to the best advantage, but make sure you pay your entire balance before the end of the interest free period. The worst thing you can do is end up paying interest on purchases when you didn't have to. Follows are three ways for consumers to make the most of the interest free credits cards in their pockets.

Large Purchases

If you need to make a substantial purchase you should consider using an interest free card for the purchase. Using this type of card for an expensive purchase, such as a new dishwasher or bedroom set, will help finance the purchase without costing you a lot in finance charges. In fact many stores offer no interest on purchases over a certain amount (usually a couple of hundred dollars) for a certain number of months. Always make sure that you can pay off the entire balance before the interest rate goes up or you will end up paying unnecessary finance charges.

Transfer Balances

The ability to transfer balances is the reason most people eagerly seek out interest free credit cards. Transferring balances from other high interest cards to no interest cards in order to more rapidly pay it off, is a good plan for getting out of debt. A word of caution, though, many credit card companies charge lofty fees for the privilege of an interest free payoff period so be sure to factor that fee in when considering which card to get.

Improve Your Credit Score

There are a couple of ways interest free credit cards can help improve your credit score. With the balance transfer, you'll get the chance to pay off debt which will raise your credit score. Also, having less of a balance on your other cards will make your score rise providing the interest free card doesn't have more than a fifty percent balance on it. Unfortunately it can be difficult to get a high credit limit (or balance transfer) on an interest free card if your credit isn't at least good. However if you have near excellent credit, this could be the push towards perfect that you need.

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